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The Cardston & District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization supported by its member firms to promote local business and ensure a strong economy. The Chamber enables businessmen and women to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy and finances.

Your local Chamber provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community; it speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation and education that affect your business. As a member of your local Chamber you make that voice even stronger to speak on your behalf. Your membership investment allows your local Chamber to be a resource of information and services for the business community and the region that it serves. Many businesses both small and large support the chamber because it is simply good business.

In addition to being the voice of business, it typically provides its member firms a host of benefits designed to gain visibility, provide resources and tools to help in the daily operation of your business. The Chamber is constantly striving to provide value for members and is always open for suggestions. If you are already a member business and simply need to renew your membership, please visit our Member Services page.


$60 - Business with one Employee

$70 - Business with 2 - 10 Employees

$100 - Business with 11 - 49 Employees

$150 - Business with more than 50 Employees


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